Different Designs of Glass Bongs

Glass bongs come as complicated or as simple as the user wants them to be. There are attachments such as percolators, down stems, and ash catchers that can be incorporated into the tobacco smoking experience.


  1. The first element to consider when purchasing a glass bong is how large the bong should be. Bongs come in all shapes and sizes. Any design an accomplished glass blower dreams up is fair game for a potential bong.
  2. As far as standard bong configurations go, there are four go-to shapes: straight tube; beaker bottom; bubble bottom; and multi-chamber.

    The straight tube bong is precisely as it sounds. It is a straight glass tube with a chamber at the bottom. The tobacco smoker leans over the open top of the pipe to smoke. This is the simplest approach to a bong there is, and many first-time bong tobacco smokers will begin with this variation.

  3. The next step up in complexity is beaker bottom and bubble bottom bongs. These two styles are very similar, except the beaker bong has a conical bottom like a science laboratory beaker and the bubble bong has a spherical bottom.
  4. Multi-chamber bongs are the most complex, and they involve a more advanced tobacco smoker to operate them. These various shapes of bong all impact the tobacco smoking experience.

    When selecting your glass bong, it’s best to request it at the smoke shop by its formal name: a water pipe. It earns this moniker because water is involved in the smoking process. Water sits in a reservoir at the bottom of the bong and the smoke passes over it before heading out to the tobacco smoker. This is a beneficial way to enjoy quality tobacco because the water cools the smoke before it reaches the smoker’s mouth, making the experience that much more pleasant.

    The nuances of bong types all come down to personal preference. Many tobacco connoisseurs invest in multiple different styles of glass bong to best capture the variety of experiences available.

    Artistically, the different types of glass bongs provide the opportunity for a myriad of collectible items. This is why glass bongs are so appealing as an art form: they come in all different shapes and sizes, from mini to monster, and from rounded to angular. All types of aesthetic eye can appreciate the glass bong.

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