Why Use Glass Bongs to Smoke Tobacco

With the culture of tobacco smoking for pleasure on the upswing and small, neighborhood smoke shops opening in towns across the country, it only makes sense that a decision needs to be made: what type of bong should I get?

Made from the same material as the Thai “baung” for which it was named, modern bamboo bongs are available for purchase. This is one of the most traditional ways to smoke tobacco with a bong, and it adds an element of history and reference to the experience. Other materials used to make bongs are plastic, ceramic, acrylic, wood, metal, and, of course, glass.


While glass bongs are less portable than plastic, less ornamental than ceramic, and not as traditional as bamboo, the pros to them are countless.

  • Glass bongs provide the smoothest tobacco smoking experience. Because glass is a non-porous surface, it is easy and effective to clean, and it doesn’t take on the tastes or odors of the tobacco that passes through it. Plastic in particular has a bad habit of retaining smells and passing on unwanted flavors to the bong user. Metal has also been noted to impact the tobacco smoking experience. One minor advantage of glass bongs is that they don’t stain either, so they remain visually appealing during and after use as well.
  • Ceramic bongs can come in gorgeous, detailed styles, as can carved bamboo bongs, but nothing beats a colorful, hand-blown glass bong. The artistry alone is breathtaking. An individual can take a great deal of pride in owning a hand blown, free-blown glass bongs.
  • For those nervous about using a breakable bong, “soft glass” bongs are available. These bongs are more difficult to break and just as attractive and long-lasting as their hard glass cousins. There isn’t too much need to worry about any glass bong breaking, however. They are crafted with thick, resilient walls, and they’re made with function in mind. Naturally, one can’t smash them down on a counter and expect them to survive, but a glass bong is no more durable than ceramic or bamboo.
  • Glass bongs are the most common type of bong, and they are the most respected among the connoisseur class of tobacco smokers for how nicely glass preserves the integrity of the smoke. For form, functionality, flavor, and fashion, the glass bong is first in its class.

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