Adult Dating Advice for Losers

Let’s face it, it sucks being classified as a loser who can’t get a date other than a Sasha Gray flick and their dominant hand? It could be the fact that you’ve been doing that for so long now that’s all you know? Or perhaps, modern adult dating scares the hell out of you because it means meeting a real person in person? In either case, it’s time for you to snap-shit and do something about it!

If you’re ready to leave the porn flicks alone and stop wasting money on tipping live-webcam girls that you’ll never meet? It’s time for a serious change, especially if you want to meet someone special and have a meaningful relationship? Are you a man of action and means? If so, pay attention because the information you’re about to hear has helped millions of losers just like yourself.

You don’t want to be known as that guy anymore, do you?

dinner date The fast track to getting your dignity and game back on track is to practice a date with an escort. Come again? Yes, you heard it correctly, an escort, but not some low-level bitch. We’re talking about a well-educated and high-class bitch that will teach you some table manners and a thing or two about dating a real woman. You simply tell them that this is a practice date, and they’ll know what to do.

The best part is they won’t treat you like a loser, and they will help you with everything from your introduction to your approach, first impression, conversation skills, etiquette, and setting the stage for the second date. You can even have them give you a rating and critique your every move if you wish? These are bad-ass bitches that will snap your shit back together in a quick hurry, but in a very respectful and nice way.

So, where do you get one of these bad-ass bitches?

escort Here’s your adult dating advice tip of the day. You can only find these bad-ass bitches on a reviewed escort site. Why is this important when the internet is crawling with escorts? Because there’s a difference between independent escorts and escorts from a professional escort agency. Not all, but most independent escorts work off back-page sites, and they do pop up in the results, but these are your typical low-class whores and drug addicts.

You don’t want a loser training you do you?

After all, you’re doing your best to stop being one yourself, so get a real escort with class and extremely good looks from a reviewed escort site. These are established escort sites with a dominant online presence that has a real customer service department and real people on the phone that can help you with what you’re looking for. They will have a place on their website where prior consumers have left feedback and rated the service.

This is how you know you found an escort agency that can be trusted, and that’s where you can get one of these bad-ass bitches. Your loser days are over, and today you’re a winner, according to the best adult dating advice for losers you ever heard.